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You know how it works. "The point of this thread is to introduce yourself  to get to know each other better, so feel free to post  a picture of yourself, please no inappropriate pictures." S

Using a little filter because my skin is bad so this is a great reminder to start taking care of my face more (took this pic just now)

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On 12/30/2020 at 5:55 AM, rc said:

Yes, washing does wonders to the face. I only wished I did it more often if I knew it’d reduce acne.

Actually that is not correct. When it comes to washing the face and taking off the oil layer that protects your facial skin it should be done at specific time of the day, which is around mid-daytime. After that being done it's extremely important to simply not touch your face in any sort of way. After a few hours the protective oil layer will somewhat reappear, which will have you set and protected from your own pillow at nigh. 


That's basically how to get rid of acne in an absolutely best and simplest way. 


Whish I had dermatologists that actually told me this when I struggled the most with acnes, which is a few years ago. I had to figure it on my own be stubborn and go against all the given suggestions, and I was more than correct. So that would be my advice for anyone interested 🙂

Best regards! 

P.S: For those who are unable to not touch their face. Best option you have is to not wash your face at all, unless you are taking a shower. Which is what you should do every next or second day. (Depending on the activities you had any given time). Hopes this helps! 

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Damn forum fails at quoting from multiple posts! 🤦‍♂️

Rc: "Yes, washing does wonders to the face. I only wished I did it more often if I knew it’d reduce acne."

12 hours ago, Darth Vectivus said:

Actually that is not correct.

Anyway, my point is to wash face when it’s oily. I went with tip #1.


No doubt, doing so will reduce acne. I didn’t mention the frequency because everyone’s faces produces different amounts of oil.

I only mentioned face washing because I remembered a long time ago watching commercials on 2 dermatologists promoting face washing with their products, as noted in the video below. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have mentioned face washing.



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