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True or False forum game


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On 5/11/2021 at 9:52 AM, Spam said:

False, I only like churros

Next person has over 100 community reputation


next person has been here since the middle of december but has never actually been active (like me)

Don't play harder, play smarter.

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4 hours ago, Spam said:


Next person was on the old forum

true, i was on the old forum about 2 years ago, and im pretty sure i had at least 5000 posts and around 2,000 likes :V i think... ik we didnt count it, but im at over 1.2k posts rn, and ive been on this forum for only a year


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9 minutes ago, Prism said:

True, 0

Next person is currently using a alt

true, im using my main alt, Masterchief.

next person will supply my alt with a nice r9 clan because my alt got kicked from its old clan for no reason.


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