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Atusiff's Archive Thread

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Week 9:

Unclaimed boxes: +5 Fortune boxes (296), +1 S tier box (9), +1 R3 box (40), +12 Premium Packs (37)

-2.6K tokens, -700K gold

Inv: +1 maxed item (quad core booster)

+1.4K arena coins (10K)

Week 10:

Unclaimed boxes: -13 Fortunes (283), +1 S tier box (10), +1 R3 box (41), +15 Premium packs (52), +1 Premium box (11)

-1.4K tokens (7.1K), +1.6M gold (20M)

+200 arena coins (10.2K)

Cleared 3% of 3v3 campaign (81%)


follow me.

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Week 11: Unclaimed boxes: 0. I opened all of them

-2.3K tokens (4.8K), -12.2M gold (7.8M)

+800 arena coins (11K)

+5 new myths (Molten Vest, Broken Blizzard Dissolver, Fractured Basalt Dissolver, x2 Damamged Armor Dissolvers)

+5 new max items (Overload Preventor, x2 Charge Engine, Platinum Grappling Hook, Rock Recoiler)

+14 new divines (TerrorBlade, x2 Quad Core Booster, x3 Overload Preventor, Defence Matrix, Combined Storage Unit, Massive Lava Feet, GrimReaper, Rock Recoiler, Selfish Protector, x2 Charge Engine)

follow me.

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nice. Divining parts practically took away the gold with 7 premium at 7 millions and 7 epics at 3.5millions with a total of 10.5millions leaving 1.7 millions to make myths of course grinding gave more to make those parts but a lot of gold hard to recover.  Nice job. 👍

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15 hours ago, Atusiff said:
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Week 13: oops i forgot to do week 12 🤣

-2.3K tokens (2.5K), -600K gold (7.2M)

+2.1K arena coins (13.1K)

+4 maxed items (x2 red rain, OHB, OEMP)

It's been a month since i worked on campaign eeee

Nice maxed parts. Hard to recover gold. 👍

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10 hours ago, Atusiff said:

Week 14: bought the res drainer offer

-2.4K tokens (100), +2.9M gold (10.1M)

+800 arena coins (13.9K)

+1 myth item (Damaged Armor Annihilator)

Cleared 7% of 3v3 campaign (88%, finally did some campaign)

Nice, gold is coming back. Looking cool.  I think the offer was good. Those parts are hard to get. 👍

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