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Welcome SM players!

A new forum, good vibes, new energies, I like it.

For those who do not know who I am, my nickname is SHABBA, leader of ... CANDELA INC ..., a pleasure to meet you:)

I will be here for you to discuss about recruiting into our clan and related interests about it.

✓ CANDELA is the most active clan currently in wins, achieving 2k wins in 2vs2, 3vs3 and 1vs1 5k wins as set goals

✓ Being a complete clan in tikets, titan, wars and wins.

✓ We are part of the top 10 among the best 6 of the best clans in SM

If you are interested in joining us, getting to know us or have questions, each of the CANDELA members will be here to gladly answer any questions you may have.

Take good care of yourselves and blessings to all of you friends.🔥

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19 minutes ago, Bunboy said:

Wins :

1v1: 110+

2v2 : 90+ 

3v3: 75+ 

As for rank just looking for rank 4+ rn

Then I will still have to improve my mechs a little. 3v3 I can get around 50 at max if I don't spend 4 hours a day in arena

Neither can I reach rank 4 in 3v3's

Still, thanks for letting me know!

Legacy Messiah | WLGang | Rejoined March 2020

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46 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

Hi team, 

Congratulations to Scorpion becoming our new leader. The entire clan support you.

SHABBA, great work done. The clan respect you a lot and very happy to be working with you all of this time. 



Super Mechs_2021-02-14-20-10-30.jpg

Congrats Scorpion new leader of CHANDELA INC👏👏👏

Anyways...what happen to S H A B B A?🤔

Why he left the clan?

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6 minutes ago, Norman said:

Congrats Scorpion new leader of CHANDELA INC👏👏👏

Anyways...what happen to S H A B B A?🤔

Why he left the clan?

He did not left the clan. Sadly in his country region is having wifi issues and he can't do nothing about it so his connectivity has been affected so need to pass command in order the clan can keep funtionning properly. 🙂 


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Hy pilots,

Sad news, my body SHABBA left the clan till he can fix the internet connection issue.

As a great leader has been he let us know he does not want to be a load to the clan not been able to help and entrusting the leadership to another cool guy 😎 👍 Scorpion.  

For me it is a bit sad moment because he is the reason of me been in the clan on first place and been buddies in the chat from starting the game with my niece. 

We are hopping the internet connectivity back in his country c a n be resolved and re-integrate him to the clan but  in mean time there is an spot in the clan. 

If someone it is interested to join us as permanent member let us know. The rule above still in place. Adding that we always do war, collect titan ticket, fight 7 star titan without missing them. 

We are really active in wins and we always reach those goals with clan freedom to do what we can do helping each other. We are a cool 😎 clan but of course we check🤫  members are doing their job 👀.

Drop a line if you are interested but not a clan hopper jumping from left to right. 



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Hi pilots,

Sadly we lose a team member due to wifi connectivity issues and hoping can resolve the issue and  can rejoin  in the future  in mean time we have an opening for a new permanent member. 

Rules still the same. Please read above.

Drop a line, contact Scorpion the leader here in the forum as Bunboy or any clan member during chat or pvp etc.

Any question, all members can help you and I am as my best disposition. 



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Dear Pilots

I hope all is going great for all of you. 

We are in the search of a new permanent clan member. Sadly we loss a member getting retired of the game after been a long time SM player.  We will miss you. 😔

For anyone interested to join our clan, please drop a line or contact Bunboy here in the forum  plus you can ask any question to any member and of course to this old guy OKI.  🙃

We are looking for permanent member not clan hoper. We look for someone serious who wants to really do pvp and get the rewards from hard work but in the fun way making new friends supporting each other. We like a communicative person who can share a few min with clan members at the forum like me, the game discord or clan discord of course game  and  clan chats. 🤔

We like to have members responsible with whom we no need to remind to do the basic job accepted and compromised for. 😉

We do always TITAN, collect tickets plus WAR and of course we are very active in pvp as part of our signature that identify our clan. We always reach the goals in pvp  2v2 and 3v3  with 2000  and 1v1 with 5000  wins.  We do 1v1 110+ wins, 2v2 90+ wins and 3v3 75+ wins. 😎

We look for a member who can reach R4+ in every season .  We are a top 10 clan and we go for the S+/S war box every season.  We are a clan not based in AP in case you wonder but we have enough R1 members and we play in our clan style for what identify us.  😋

Come and join us. 🤗

Do not be shy to ask questions. I won't bite you.  😇


OKI the farmer 🤣🧑‍🌾

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