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Reaction Limit Increase


Reaction Limit Increase  

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  1. 1. Should The reaction Limit Be Increased

    • Yes
    • Yes(and contribute an idea)
    • No(and contribute an ides)
    • No
    • Contribute an idea

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5 hours ago, Zylok said:

The like limit exists so people don't like all of the random stuff and comments. It is made like it so you only like highly valuable posts.

Ik, I saw that when I was browsing.

1 hour ago, Andypandy said:

Actually i do run out of reactions sometimes,

who doesn't?

1 hour ago, SawzAll said:

I can agree here: I think reactions should be unlimited.

Then that would defeat the purpose of them, it would be nice though.

PURPLE  Bring Back The Confetti! "Like and follow it'll give me a better reputation" - Spam


Stolen from @JamAnime

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