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Less than 10% of the players participate in forums. Not all players know that the owner of game is someone else or who Alexander is, much less the matter of the forms and all that.

One of the great shortcomings of the game at this moment is the absence of important publications in the same game. Unfortunately everything that has to do with news and updates is not published on the game.

Even if you regularly read the forums, you will not be aware of everything, because now there is also Discord.

Among the very questionable things that Tacticsoft did, they also did some better things than Gato. At least until 2019 they used to publish updates in the "news" section within the game itself.


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5 minutes ago, STARWULPH said:

It's a made up term by toxic bullies who try to tell you you cannot have an opinion or post where you want.

Report people who do this, they are not mods and cannot tell you your opinion is invalid or what/where/when you can post.

Google necro post and you'll find out the meaning. This topic no longer has a use so posting here is useless, I only posted because this showed up again when it's already been resolved. The original necropost wasn't even stating an opinion so how is this "bullying", or "toxic"? By telling people to report others for simply saying something like this you are saying I can't have an opinion.

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Stolen from @JamAnime

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