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iron frenzy needs a huge buff

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3 hours ago, ricardo milos said:

ye, both have a insulting stats

I had delirium but folded it it’s useless tbh

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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    • By ricardo milos
      the other fortress mods have like 9 more res than the normal res mods, soo, maybe add 9 more res in all on matrix 

    • By Spam
      Flaminator is a good weapon but nobody uses it because it is out classed by its L-M counterpart (Hybrid Heat Cannon).
      So in order to make Flaminator better I think it could use a buff,
       Add more heat damage or Heat cap damage than Hybrid Heat Cannon
      so it would look like this
             or this      
    • By Manolis109
      The past months ,several players have been deceiving the community by winning solo medals and reaching high ranking by boosting themselves using alt accounts or having others boost them. As a result, individual medals are losing their value and players become demotivated, competition is being destroyed. I believe the only possible way to deal with this is to make all Replays visible, including instant quit Replays so that the players who boost will be exposed at least. In that way they will probably stop boosting since the community will acknowledge that those players are ethically cheating. Please spend a few minutes/ seconds on the poll, your opinion matters a lot and can determine whether boosting will be prevented, and how soon this will be. The sooner, the better.
      I believe that since it has been several months already that competition is being harmed and most solo weekly wins are a lie, its high time action was taken, **as soon as possible** , so that the game will become a little better. The more making the game better by fixing any competition issues is delayed, the more pointless fixing it in the future becomes since more and more damage is being caused, damage that can not be eraised. 
      Thank you for your time.
      @Alexander please visit this topic from time to time to see the results.
    • By Tirreggregars
      Physical is broken, unfair, and ruins the game for. non-phys users.
      I propose 3 possible solutions: 
      Either a complete re-evaluation of physical weapons, including major changes in:
      Damaged Armour Annihilator, I propose increasing weight by 4-6kg and backfire by 50
      Distance Shredder, I propose an increase in heat cost by 30, and/or a decrease in damage by 10-20%
      Rock Polisher, I propose a damage reduction by 10% and an increase in heat generation by 15
      Tonto, Solar Torch, Guardian and Protector, I propose an increase on all drones to 25 heat and 25 energy cost as well as a decrease in damage by 5-10%
      Solution 2:
      An increase in the damage of non-phys weapons by 5-10 percent, paired with a possible increase in the HP of Platinum Platings
      Solution 3:
      A nerfing of the modules, especially the dual modules. I propose a nerfing of the dual modules by 10%, and of the single modules by 5%
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