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HardToKill reviving

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I introduce myself I am TheDogMx


I am in charge of recruiting people for the clan and I have seen a lot of support for HTK and I am pleased to announce that HTK will return to the tops, I will not say so in a few months, days I don't know but HTK will revive.


thanks to LG, Besty, Hamza, OpTiMuS and others the clan is still standing.

More Info: Talk to Hamza and I invite former HTK members to come back and show what family we are and our potential


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5 hours ago, rc said:

What are the requirements for joining HTK?

Hey rc, I think The Dog it is no longer with HTK. You might try Lord. I do not know what happen but some people dropped from the clan maybe today. 😔

Seems he made or joined a  different clan. 


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