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NEW EVENT at 250Ts reward


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The new event boosted arena participation at 50% 
Ussually were 400 players on line ...today are 600 plus players on line .
Seems that @Alexander 's tactic boosted the interesting by 50% 
Well done .
Good tactic .
Continue like that .
On the other side please do something with the counters problem on the arena 
Counters costs at least 4 stars per day on players rank  while at the same time ruins the fun .

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very bad tactic, it gives 250 reward but places the probability of obtaining good elements in the premium packages at 0%, which by the way I don't understand why they use the name premium pack if they are actually garbage with a very bad drop rate  .  I made the 10 victories and I'm leaving the game sucks Gatogames is the same as Tactisoft both are very bad companies with opposing views of the players.


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Good event, put me back in the green for buying offers. But I'd rather save a lot of tokens.


> Counter problem

Make quitting costly, it won't hurt much if you have roundeds. But if you run counters, you will half the time have to live through an excruciating battle where you can't do anything because you countered wrong.


> Premium packs 0%

Believe what you want about drop rates. I myself choose to save tokens and only spend them when there's an increased drop rate or item offer for an item I really want/need.

follow me.

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5 hours ago, ShadowOfDeath said:

muy mala táctica, da 250 recompensa pero coloca la probabilidad de obtener buenos elementos en los paquetes premium al 0%, que por cierto no entiendo por qué usan el nombre paquete premium si en realidad son basura con una caída muy mala Velocidad . Hice las 10 victorias y me voy del juego apesta. Gatogames es lo mismo que Tactisoft. Ambos son compañías muy malas con puntos de vista opuestos de los jugadores.


Screenshot_20210309-120103_Super Mechs.jpg

what happens is that you have bad luck and now, like me

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