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Chick Hicks Fan Club Recruitment


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hey anyone looking for a clan to join in?

well oh boy youre in luck (as long as you pass the requirements)

* at least be rank 12
* win at least 3 arena matches a day
* try your best to go into war (not every war but try your best to go to every war)
* titan isnt required but you can do it if you want
* if youre inactive for 1 week, youll get kicked so keep that in mind (please tell me if youre going to be out for longer than a week, im flexible with that and you wont get kicked if you tell me why)

obviously if you join in you have to be nice and respectful to everyone here and please be dont mean intentionally im fine with joking around tho

side note: i wanna make a clan discord if i get 10 members or more i feel like it is wayyyy better than using SM clan chat. im mainly planning to use it for an organized war schedule to organize a good time for war to happen for everyone


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