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Does the premium box give YOU better loots than premium packs?

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1 hour ago, Fidelio said:

No, it's purely superstition.

on the otherhand, packs provide a small discount.

so in the long term, you'll be better off buying packs for the simple reason you get more item drops with the same amount of tokens  (on a large scale).

Big brain time

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1 hour ago, Lookotza said:

imo don't buy either, either save for packs when an item comes out or offers, item portals are also a pretty nice place to dump your tokens ino


a true ftp, just like myself

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On 3/8/2021 at 12:23 PM, Melanös said:

can everyone just stop arguing on whats better, and just buy what you wanna buy, although alexander could tell us the exact probabilities to shut everyone up as well.

You have a 1 in 5 chance to get legendary from premium box and 1 in 10 from premium packs i saw a youtuber open 400 premium packs and getting legendary almost every time search 400 premium packs on youtube

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they are very bad drop rates are very low.  they are a hoax I recommend never spending or buying in this game.  actually play free player until you get tired of the game and then go away, spend your money on another game that is worth it and where they give you the benefits for which you are paying.  premium packs suck in this game2118952405_Screenshot_20210309-120103_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.8e451d96eb0231213d2abbeffdfda648.jpg

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