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Base and silver box

Mr. E


So I was on my alt account that doesn’t have base enabled and noticed that base was randomly enabled. However, when I checked to see if I still had silver boxes, I was surprised to see that I did. The weird part is that on my main account I do have base enabled and was almost done maxing it to level 20. And as you can see from the images that’s how far base is in my alt account, even though I haven’t even upgraded base on that account. So the base from my main was somehow transferred to the base on my alt. Not sure what’s going on




And here’s what my main account looks like.












I can still buy silver boxes on my alt, but when I try to craft on my alt it does this


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Your main account active base and your alt account disable base right?

The glitch re-copy you main account and send to you alt account, because it have no base.

When you collected coin or craft item it disconnected, but don't worry it won't bring any harm to your device.


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