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Ultima Carbine Progress Thread

A Few Side Questions...  

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  1. 1. How's the Experiment Idea?

    • Interesting.
    • It definitely screams "Whiteout". (What's that supposed to mean?)
    • We'll see.
    • No.
  2. 2. Name Change?

    • No - Ultima Carbine's a nice name.
    • Yes - Name's too edgy. (Comment any name suggestions in this topic and I might consider it down the line.)
  3. 3. What should the main build's element be?

    • Physical (Current element)
    • Energy
    • Heat

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Early Head's Up - I did NOT create this trend but I did create Ultima Carbine, so... I guess that counts for something "original"? Also, this is a fun-based side experiment, so do not be alarmed if the concept dies early on due to the lack of motivation to continue. With that out of the way, cue the topic...

Hello, pilots!

Today, I've decided to do a little side experiment to occupy my time while my main's recharging fuel -- An alt that's gonna have recorded milestones on this page. Failure or success, I will try to get as far as possible with the alt before interest burns out or the account runs out of ways to progress. Also, I have already made some progress on the alt and have gotten it to level 14 and made it up to Silent Waters (SW) - 5.

This is current main build but is susceptible to change as it progresses further into the game.


... So far, it's definitely not much but everyone's gotta start from somewhere, right?

But anyways, I'll try to keep this post updated regularly whenever something big happens (i.e transformations, boss eliminations, upranks, legendary drops, etc...). In the meantime, I'll be getting Ultima Carbine to higher levels... Oh, and feel free to comment or provide suggestions down below (like swapping Nightmare for Windigo, something that didn't already happen post-screenshot) to further or increase the progress rate of it.

Until I post an update regarding a milestone, I wish you all a good day... And remember to...

Stay safe, pilots.


From that strange forumer who seems to be everywhere,

Ultima Carbine a.k.a Whiteout.

Extra: Ultima Carbine's inventory



The Mid Ranks are the Holy Ranks. Change my mind.

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Update #1 - Boss Elimination 


Update #2: First Legendary (Potential Post Merge with Update #1)


Update #3 and #4: Unexpected Premium Box Drop and Yet Another Boss Elimination (Another Post Merge / I got lazy with the Update #4 image, so I left the Puffin webpage as is rather than cropping the surrounding page off.)


Edited by W.H.I.T.E.O.U.T (see edit history)

The Mid Ranks are the Holy Ranks. Change my mind.

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2 minutes ago, MasterChief said:

what, uh, what is this? :V is this supposed to turn out like (idk if this info is still classified) project unity?

It's not gonna be a forum account.

Just an alt that's gonna be tracked and kept note of through this topic.

The Mid Ranks are the Holy Ranks. Change my mind.

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