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Found 2 results

  1. New Mechanic for Heat Lets start of with the new mechanic for heat: We know that the unique thing for heat is that you need to use 1 move point to cool down your mechs. I think this needs some tweaking so that it becomes balanced. I suggest that: Every turn, mechs will cool down with UP TO 10% efficiency of their heat regen (that means- if you have 100 heat regen, you regen UP TO 10 heat every turn)- which we would call it heat dissipation why did I say up to? well lets apply physics here: "Heat dissipation occurs when an object that is hotter than other objects is placed in an environment where the heat of the hotter object is transferred to the colder objects and the surrounding environment." - Corrosionpedia That means- our object (in this case the mechs), when its hotter than the environment (that is the arena) the heat should transfer to the environment so that the whole system may reach something called "equilibrium" or equal states on all systems. That means - The hotter the mech, the larger the heat dissipation is. This can go from <1% of your heat regen to a maximum of 10% of your heat regen. BUT- this mechanic ONLY APPLIES when you are not overheated, meaning the regen will not apply to your own shutdowning the whole mech. Balancing of modules Lets move on to our next topic: Balancing of modules On my last discussion of Quad Core booster vs. CUE/OP combo , we saw that the QCB (Quad Core Boosters) are superior against CUE/OP combo and I know the reason why: Take a look on this picture and focus on the regens Did you noticed something? The Quad core booster regens 59 while the OP regens only 88- WHICH IS UNBALANCED! The QCB regens around 67% of that the OP, and it should not, why? Because, the sole purpose of QCB is to become a all-in-one module but with reduced stats, which should be equal to around 50% or less of its counterpart. But its more than that, And I think QCB should be rebalanced. According to Warrmachine- the 3 quads is equal to 2 CEU and 2 OP, which should not be ( which also makes it overpowered). Therefore, In my opinion, the QCB needs some nerf due to it having higher stats by making it around 50% of that OP and the CEU. CONCLUSION: New Mechanic for heat: Passive heat regen depending from the current heat (from <1% heat regen to a maximum of 10% regen). This passive heat regen is automatically turned off if the mech is overheated. Rebalancing of QCB: Nerf the QCB to 50% of both regen and capacity of CEU and OP. I'm open for any criticism and suggestions for the game. thanks for reading my post.
  2. First things first, I'll post the stats ( 5 modules each) 2 combined energy unit, 3 OP: 145 weight 372 energy cap 263 energy regen 338 heat cap 263 heat regen 5 quad cores: 200 weight 624 energy cap 294 energy regen 564 heat cap 294 heat regen With this information in hand. We can say that - in exchange for 5 module slots - we obtain more cap and regen from quad cores vs CEU/OP combined with the downside of higher weight cap. Now, let try to even up the weight of this modules. 5 quad cores: 200 weight 624 energy cap 294 energy regen 564 heat cap 294 heat regen 3 combined energy unit, 4 OP ( total of 7 modules just to even the weight) 205 weight 558 energy cap 350 energy regen 508 heat cap 350 heat regen 4 combined energy unit, 3 OP 215 weight 744 energy cap 263 energy regen 677 heat cap 263 heat regen Even with the weight, the 5 quad core boosters is still superior when it comes to either capacities (3 CEU / 4 OP) or regen (4 CEU/ 3 OP). Conclusion: The CEU/OP combo is good if you want to shrug off some weight in order to add more items, but overall, 5 quad core booster is much better than the combo. Therefore, I think the CEU/OP is best when paired up with Monkey/Claw setup so that you don't overweight Although this setups is not achievable for most of players, I think this post should give them some idea on what modules to invest on different types of setups. I hope y'all having a great day!! (P.S. all of this info is from Workshop.) EDIT: clarification of some sentence.
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