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Found 2 results

  1. Intro:Heal Nature 2nd Heal Item. Divine ArenaBuff:On (Status) Weight:58kg DMG(E):180-310 ※10% of the damage you attack is energy recovery. Max Energy:-30 Regeneration:-20 (Cost) Energy:-30 Backfire:-90 (Other) Range:2-4 Design By Yukiya. Used Software:Adobe(Lightroom(Photoshop)) Thank You!
  2. Intro:Healing This drone is not an attack drone, but a therapeutic drone that restores your mechanism. (Status) Epic - Legendary - Mythical (Divine) (Arena Buff:On) Weight:50kg Recovery(HP):175-280 ※When your turn is over, your HP will heal(Only My Mech). (Cost) Energy:-50 Shot:2 ※Introduce •If you use it twice, the charge will start, and the drone will not be able to move for a while. •If the drone can't move, the energy will not decrease. •Drones such as "Face shorter" and "Heat Point" temporarily leave the drone after hitting 3 shots, but this drone is a drone that can continue even if you use two shots or charge it and put out the drone. Design By Yukiya. Used Software:Adobe(Lightroom (Photoshop)) Thank You!
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