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    Liam.M.Lucas_2020 reacted to Alexander for a question, What happens to SuperMechs when Flash dies?   
    It will depend on the version of SuperMechs. 
    Nothing will change, these versions will continue working as always.
    We expect it to keep working fine as it uses a bundled version of flash. If it causes any problems, we will migrate it to the same platform as Android/iOS. We estimate this would take roughly a week post december. 
    This version will keep working on older flash versions with older browsers (for example Internet Explorer or unupdated versions of Chrome) but we highly suggest against using this unless you absolutely must. This is a security threat to your computer and if used should not be used on any page except SuperMechs.com, as other websites may or may not hack your computer using this. 
    Other options to keep using it are the Puffin Flash Store via Google Chrome, which we intend to maintain so long as there's sufficient demand for it. This version is secure but its quality varies depending on your internet connection.
    Puffin Mobile and Puffin Desktop are also options. 
    We're looking into a more long term solution. 
    We're currently in talks with Kongregrate to find a solution for our Kongregate Pilots, for the time being, we urge Kongregate users to follow the instructions of the Kongregrate team. Some of the Web options may also work for Kongregate.
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