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  1. You can get fortune boxes from boss missions in campaign, not every time tho
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, saved me a bunch of gold and time
  3. do you want them to update supermechs legacy?
  4. click on this, there is a link where you can request to disable base
  5. imo don't buy either, either save for packs when an item comes out or offers, item portals are also a pretty nice place to dump your tokens ino
  6. we got some balance updates, alex said more are coming , they dealt with hackers/glitchers, pretty sure we had a relic portal and the last 2 offers they made have been pretty great. Also i heard somewhere that they are gona make item offers only have meta items? not sure how true that last one is but if it is i think it's pretty cool.
  7. I feel bad for everyone who doesen't know what's happening
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