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  1. or instead of this "rich get richer" idea, why not give every clan a premium box per week regardless of their finishing place and have just power kits as the distinguishing factor between the placements? ex. top 10 gets a max legendary power kit, 11-50 a level 20 legendary power kit, 51-100 a level 1 power kit, 101-250 a level 15 epic kit, 251-1000 a level 1 epic kit, etc etc
  2. appreciate the lip service
  3. i thought feb 18th was the last scheduled event by TS.... did i read the original note wrong or is this another stalling tactic
  4. top ladder integrity died a long time ago, and this wont revive it in the slightest
  5. there is so much wrong in the original post that it'll take me an eternity to list out every refutation it seems like the OP runs an all-energy lineup what i will say though is that energy-free and (especially not) heat-free items are the cause of imbalance. not blaming the one archetype that has benefitted for the past few months (from the ridiculous modules) just makes that whole wall of text just plain incorrect
  6. the sacred texts! >:((((((((((((((((((
  8. i really hope they scale back the first two released Fortresses to the likes of the Phys one and then have it weigh more yada yada yada
  9. maybe instead of having an energy variant, just put it on a whole new sprite. i think we're due for new sprites.
  10. Bump: The reason behind this is because: - While a singular QCB or OvP may increase your max stats (en/heat) by a small amount, coupling them together amplifies this increase tenfold. This blows all of the other E-M engines out of the water and makes most E-M weapons insignificant. Forget about your heater build. These new mech lineups all have at least 380 cooling! And don't even think about your energy build. The new and improved mechs have 380+ regeneration! I'm not even forgetting the physical mechs, because those would be explained by a different set of modules. With rounde
  11. with new items every week or so, this shoulda been a thing already also i thought we were promised a lotta slots way back when because of the whole power kit fiasco after doing the legacy conversion
  12. ive played on my tablet and ive never gotten an ad in years
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