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  1. Agree. This ads seems like something that use in hell to torturing peeps. I don't even grinded last portal because of ads. This was really hard time killing.
  2. Time to move my last reveal from old forum. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Also want Greedy and Purifier buff, tho.
  4. My fav torso in old times, really sad that now its fully trashed.
  5. Some guy called me "no en gay" + some sheet about "no win r4-r5" like when i show my heat\phys counter, well he was fucced up by my pusher tactics and proper moves, i almost lose battle vs his 4k hp counter but he turned out to be just a stupid toxic loser. Its okey, tho. Oh, and also! He definitely got fucced up by some other player like 0 wins 9999~looses.
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