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    Typhon4273 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Banwave 05-04-2021   
    Hi Pilots,
    We've just done another banwave based on hueristical, behavioral player data in addition to reports, with an analysis done on the reported players, top 2000 players and  players with certain suspicious statistics.
    We intend to keep improving this analysis and widen the scope as well, in addition to improving the overall system.
    As the last time, the goal was cleaning the arena, please report to us any cheater we may have missed via the form. Duplicate reports from different people *do* help.
    Got banned? Please check our FAQ on appeals and ban errors. Thank you 🙂 
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    Typhon4273 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Happy Easter Everyone!   
    Hi Pilots,
    We at Gato Games hope you will all have a great time with your family, even if it may be via video chats seeing the current situation. 
    As a little gift from us, everyone on mobile should be getting an easter box in their notifications. Didn't get it? Don't panic! Some may have delayed delivery and for the next few days, anyone who logs on desktop or puffin (https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall) will also get it. Please do pass that information on to your clanmates and friends. 
    By the way, the box is also available in the store. It has a bit better droprates than the usual box and comes with a pattern bonus, so I hope for those of you who saved up, it's well worth it!
    Again, happy easter everyone!
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    Typhon4273 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Merry Christmas!   
    Hi Pilots, 
    We wish you all a very merry christmas from SuperMechs!
    To celebrate, we have a couple of gifts for you. 
    As some of you may have seen in your notification, everyone is able to collect a free christmas box. If you didn't get the notification, you can also collect it here. 
    On top of that, there's another special treat for those who follow us actively. You can collect a free Snowball Perk - make sure to pass the link on to your friends as well!
    Collect them soon as they'll expire in a few days. Enjoy the game and again, merry christmas!
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    Typhon4273 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Upcoming Balance Changes   
    Hi Pilots,
    Even in the holidays we'll be hard at work fixing problems and cheating but there's also something else in the closet - balance. 
    We'd like to start doing semi-regular (at first we'll ramp it up to once per 2 weeks or so, we'll slow it down again over time as the game gets more balanced) balance changes to both, improve the game balance and keep the meta from getting stale, with the first being the sole priority for the next few months when it comes to balance.
    For this reason we're recruiting a balancing team to help advice us on potential changes through discussion in addition to the new "Balance Changes" suggestions category to help give us a more broad idea.
    For december (with our internal deadline at january 3) we hope to balance roughly 5-10 items, we prefer buffs over nerfs but obviously both options are in the card based on need. 
    Thank you for your patience everyone - we hope you'll help us make this game much better!
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    Typhon4273 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Welcome to the new forums!   
    Thank you very much for joining us! 
    As you can see it is quite different from the old ones. We have a lot of new, powerful features (did you see clubs?! You can start your own little forum! On our forum! Check the snazzy discord integration!) and I am sure you'll run into some missing ones as well.
    We'll improve it over time and install plugins and such based on requests. We feel this is a really good base for our new community strategy. 🙂
    Do I hear strategy?
    Offering a discord is just a start. We want these forums to be the best place for people to discuss SuperMechs in a friendly environment, with Discord replacing the Chatting that people did quite a bit too often on the old forums (poor Marija...). Moderation on these will be much, much harsher than the old forums, anyone who doesn't want to contribute positively will simply be shown the door, tone or otherwise. We think this'll mean it'll be a lot more fun here. 🙂 
    The language of these forums is english and... well, obviously some people enjoy fueding. They like to attack each other, turn each other into a joke, for some it's really fun, target or attacker. Additionally there's many languages other than English that we simply cannot adequately moderate. 
    As such we will begin linking other communities in this one soon. The only rules from our end is that they hold a zero tolerance policy on anything harming the game (cheats, hacks, attacks) and will be active enough to moderate out the few people who really don't belong anywhere (racists, sexists, people who threaten others...). 
    If you are interested in having a role in this, please PM me and we can discuss the options, there. We'd love to see a few Reddits, Discords and so on pop up. 
    We will open job applications for a Community Manager this weekend as well!
    Thank you everyone for coming here. I know this will take a bit of getting used to, but together we'll make this into the best place to be on the web. 🙂
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