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  1. Heres what i run during 1v1 season Its gotten me to high rank 2 twice, but i want to make something better,or something new. The last thing i want is to be a one-trick pony Here are my items Im basically accepting anything at this point (except counters), and theres no such thing as a bad suggestion
  2. "Hiding your mistakes and issues wont make you a better person. Embrace yourself by who you are."
  3. yup,seems bout right. thx for the welcome thx
  4. Im not good with introductions so,lets just get this over with My in-game name is Le Goldmane, im "known" around in discord by Lord Calcium VIII (or boney hawk) Im a legacy player,coming back to the game at 2020 s start and currently aiming to be a top player (dont worry im not too hopeful either) And uh,yeah. Thats it Dont forget your daily dose of calcium
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