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  1. wont till next changes but it will take long time
  2. sliver boxes even better
  3. sad... goodbye and thanks for old advice who mind? :p
  4. *Workshop Unlimited : Kraken is op *Me when using it: me when find my main account clevername: ( of course im stronger than him a lot cuz some builds that no ones know in it) *very strong
  5. or u scared me when using 2 divine falcon mech b4 huh? remember that 1,5k dmg shot? :)))
  6. not actually, i use my energy mech and take a lot of dmg but it still 90% example when im fighting with pacman in cw, my enery take 1856 dmg( 344 hp), it still 91%
  7. when clan war happens, i only attack strongest players in stead of weakest cuz im strongest in my clan here's the rule: more strong= more points
  8. ever never ever ever heard ever about ever it :v
  9. "stone age" is about 2.6 million years ago st2pid
  10. hell dude, i need better heat stats not hp ;-;
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