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  1. Be if my main join trolls fast ill be the poorest
  2. Thats not the point the memes are focking stupid
  3. The fact i was the first one to do this
  4. how are you a divine pilot and dont know profile basics?
  5. Pfft or just make multiple, I have over 300
  6. hmmm StormWeaver where have I heard of that name
  7. Doesn't look very SM to me try maybe adding darker shade
  8. Meh Tyler has my account so im fine
  9. Oh no just make something broken unlike Frantic brute, Make it heal you for 623 hp, or damage you for 623 hp. Balanced and fair -Said every SM dev ever
  10. Wow I see this has 100 pages where the hell I have been Cool you got the overheated nutsack bomb Trying to kill me with all the reading?
  11. No im not a cannibal it was a joke, and yes i am still king of the weebs
  12. I mean would you rather work your way to spam cards and get legies or epics or use tokens and coins to get cheap upgrades
  13. Hey its me Khalil, Im just wondering how things have been while I was gone, I see things haven't changes, new faces, and Clevername still making money. I have retired from SM, so if you see XXV in Global, its the new owner. His name is Golden. Anyway, just wanted to see you all. Ily
  14. Not everything is a jojo refrence. Question what is a great time to listen to music, at someone funeral, or someone wedding?
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