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  1. No im not a cannibal it was a joke, and yes i am still king of the weebs
  2. I mean would you rather work your way to spam cards and get legies or epics or use tokens and coins to get cheap upgrades
  3. Hey its me Khalil, Im just wondering how things have been while I was gone, I see things haven't changes, new faces, and Clevername still making money. I have retired from SM, so if you see XXV in Global, its the new owner. His name is Golden. Anyway, just wanted to see you all. Ily
  4. Not everything is a jojo refrence. Question what is a great time to listen to music, at someone funeral, or someone wedding?
  5. If only you can see what i have in PvZ 2
  6. Ah yes we all have that one time when we ask how we were created. Question of the day What anime would you be stuck in and why? My answer is Monster Musume, and lets face it, The Lamias or my top snek for love
  7. Oh well guess you will have to reply to my questions then
  8. Since Klayton Can't even keep his own topic Alive how about we get the actual King of weeb's here on this topic? I want to know your old forums name and what are they now. Reminds me of the good ol days, but now its time to contribute to this now. Also is there a way I can make polls on post on topics? Just wondering, or else i'll just you guys answer by chatting to it.
  9. I can see this topic died without me, so imma make a new one and let me do the posting since you can't keep it alive
  10. So you might know me from the old forums, sooooo... I came here and I will be making an Anime Thread for any weebs that wanna chat or chill there Also My name from the old forums is Khalil_Fears, which is my real name. If you need anything to help with I will be happy to help, any other info about me. I hold the most alts in Sm, i think 367 was the max amount I Got. Nice seeing this Hope you all enjoy your stay here and get to know you all.
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