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  1. I think thats a really good idea the square form to differentiate the weapons
  2. Oh Oky dokie I also thought that it would become familiar to that one, that's why I put the only change, that it does not push and takes away energy and also heat, and that it consumes energy
  3. Fighting with the Titans, especifically the Ant mech, i see the invention of a New weapon with a strange sistem Ilusión Light/Legendary A weapon like the savagery but this with his in color purple Damage: Level 1 112—198 Level 40 189—287, —16 heat and energy storage Cost: 31 energy and heat, and a jump of 2 forward Range: 4—8 Weight: 65 kg Ilusión Light/Mithycal This versión of the weapon have 2 canon instead of only one Damage: Level 1 197—310 Level 50 278—486, —32 heat and energy storage damage Cost: 47 energy and heat, and a jum
  4. OK, no backfire A combo of it with the heat bomb or double of these to do —32 resistance and —260 heat storage
  5. What happens if exist a versión of Heat storage? This a idea of how this can be Heat Sucker/Epic Damage: Level 1 37 to 72 level 30 43 to 98, — 31 heat damage, —35 heat storage, 4 heat resistance Uses: 1 Cost: 21 heat and 35 backfire Range: 4—5 Heat Sucker/Legendary Damage: Level 1 45 — 102 Level 40 67—125, —60 heat storage, 10 resistance damage, 42 heat damage Uses: 1 Cost: 31 heat and 74 backfire Heat Sucker/Mythical Damage: Level 1 126—178 Level 50 159— 210, —130 heat storage damage, 49 heat damage, 16 res
  6. To upgrade to that we need 726263728252737 coins and 73673 tokens, bruh
  7. Today i see this offer in the game, is good or not? I try to use my tokens in a good offer Pd: i feel like already see this offer before in the game
  8. The Mark name sistem of weapon ( I don't know, for me it felt very good), The possiblyty of use a Shield and the pleasure of get mithycal from a box
  9. Oh, i really forgotten you can troll sometimes the Titan
  10. Good, I know that titans have much life, when i am rank 10 while ago I was also going to do that But consider not doing it to let others score points too, but the question really is, how do that damage in the 3 turns, weapon of Infinite turns, drone and staying out of the titan attacks?? Pd: equally, i maked much damage before considerate that Xd
  11. Wow, these are really High scores, but i have a question? How you do more tha 600000 damage on titan in only 3 turns, 200000 per turn? and using a posible tactic to no have damage be the Titan?
  12. I already made this blog in the a other supermechs community, i want to make it again Triple Destiny/Legendary A weapon like the Annihilation but with the diference that this has the 3 damages but only with one turn of each one, and the damage launched is random Energy damage: 126—190, 56 energy damage, - 5 heat resistance Heat damage: 124—192, 47 heat damage, - 5 energy resistance Physical damage: 167— 276, - 8 physical resistance Requirements Range: 1—2 Heat cost: 21 (only when heat shot) Energy cost: 21 (only when energy shot) Nothing
  13. Even he uses a brother of the Energy free armor to upgrade the energy free amor, pure evil!!!! (sarcasm)
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