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  1. Lots of Samuel Kim's Star Wars/Anime music. Also some Magic Sword.
  2. 2nd week in a row with a good l-m from my arena rewards. Main difference this time is I pushed into rank 10, while last week I got the rank 12-11 rewards. I also really needed a good torso for my 2nd mech, so yay!
  3. So, base is clearly inferior to the previous silver boxes. The main benefits of the base are control over what you craft, ability to craft epics/power kits/legendaries and gold income, but it comes with increased prices and lengthy build times, not to mention the cost and time spent upgrading your base to get these benefits. I feel that most items are overpriced and take too long to make, and would like to see either a moderate decrease in build time or minor decrease in costs of cards. This would encourage people to convert to base. At least add in a few achievements for crafting cards and upgrading buildings. It is much less efficient to build cards in the base if you are trying to upgrade items compared to just buying a ton of silver boxes, and the chances for epics/power kits are already included in the silver boxes.
  4. There are a lot of e-m and l-m items that look like they could be a continuation of c-r and c-e items but aren't. It has always bugged me. However, I think that if linked only the c-r and e-m items should be. Premiums are meant to be rare, and if you can get one by upgrading from a common to a mythical, everyone would have platinum plating, spartan carnages, flamethrowers and premium resistance.
  5. Hmm... I think I recall the old shields reduced incoming damage but added heat or drained energy based on what kind you had. I didn't like that and never used them. I think if remade a similar way they could work. Moderate damage reduction with the the blocked damage converting added heat or drained energy, there is a cap on how much damage it can block, and it only blocks damage directed towards your health, not heat damage or energy drain. This could help out energy and heat players if enough phys used shields. Since physical is so strong, many palyers would likely use these shields, making it easier for heat players to overheat opponents and energy mechs to drain them. However, if the balance changes Gato Games plan on implementing make everything viable, then it doesn't really matter.
  6. I'll be getting the rest of these to legendary next, but I really don't have many Engines or Mass Boosters, so there isn't much I can do to change them up right now.
  7. I got railgun and bigdaddy out of the free premium pack. Since there doesn't seem to be an established build help thread yet, I thought I'd make my own topic asking two questions: Should I use railgun instead of electrolyte, and should I use bigdaddy instead of emp? My current energy build is below.
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