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  1. But when I try to fight in arena they have many powerful legendary weapon like heron mark sword and more
  2. I am at rank 12 at this moment. What about getting legendaries?? How can I get them?? I have lackness of legendaries
  3. HI, My lvl on supermech is 159. But I don't have enough powerful weapon for my mechs. These 3 mechs are such weak mech. I have lack of legendary items. Give me some tips to develop these mechs. Here you can see my 3 mechs
  4. Hi, Guys I am just turn my Windigo in to mythical. and got 2 reckless beam which I have plan to use
  5. Hi, I am facing problem wit this Physical Mech. Its very weak and can't defeat opponents. How can I turn this into good mech??
  6. Thanks for help Thanks for help
  7. Overlord Den Mission 6 Insane give me 10000 Gold and take 7 fuel. Is it okay?
  8. Hi, how can I get more gold easily?? I try to get gold from campaign final boss 1v1 in easy mode and only get 10000 each time and some time get 15000 from hard mode. But after upgrading 1 item I lost my golds. I can't get enough to 500000 golds and for legendary crafting it needs 384000 which is costly.
  9. Hey, Should I only use Max Common Power Kit Or Max Rare??
  10. Should I only use Max Common Power Kit to upgrade or Use Rare Max Power Kit??
  11. Hi, what you mean by OD6 and Mission 5 3v3. I use hard in 1v1 to get gold sometimes insane Do you only use Max Common Powerkits for upgrading or use Rare or Epic??
  12. Hi, Which Item Is Best To Craft?? Common, Rare, Epic or Epic/Legendary?? Also For Boost Power Kit
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