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  1. It makes more sense to farm OD mission 8 for the legendary items and spend the gold you earn on silver boxes.you need millions for max base,gold mines are very slow and you need to craft at least three legendary cards for a legendary(sorry for my English)
  2. tell anything about why is base "good"
  3. you need 4M+ gold for max HQ,1,5M+ for item factory and 3M+ for a good legendary and wait 3-4 months. base have bad drops and gold mines are very slow. tell why is base "good" or get rekt
  4. base = spending 300K golds for a kraken torso
  5. fake unsub


    these type of posts will not make the devs more tired,they are not even working
  6. fake unsub


    when is the new update? @Alexander
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