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  1. Not bad at all Has a nice vibe and build up to it.
  2. oh? Feel free to share it; i'd love to take a listen.
  3. By fix, do you mean I should ask him to make it so the only thing it does is bring out and put back away your drone?
  4. So because I'm lazy, I've been letting my mech go through campaigns on autopilot to gather xp and gold, which I'm sure many of you do. But, I also don't have the best mech... So when I go ahead and watch my auto pilot mech fight every once in a while... I cringe.... a lot. I mean, a LOT. So i figured this could be a fun little game Share your mech's cringe moves when on on auto pilot. For me, my mech has Firefly drone. It ALWAYS makes it's first move to deploy it (even if enemy is out of range since it's 2-4). It bothers me the most when enemies start right infront of me.... like, just
  5. Hot damn, that's awesome! When covid hit, i was seriously thinking about trying to build my own wall in my garage lol. But alas, I did not. I mostly boulder, but I actually prefer to lead climb outdoors. Super fun (and maybe just a tad bit scary).
  6. You've spent half your life playing this game?! My goodness, what a loser!! (counts how many years I've been playing BD.....)
  7. Heck, you got mE there! I wouLd never Plan to Hang around othErwiSe! That would be ReAlly counter-Productive. Possibly Even Dumb! My loyalty shouldn't Even be In questioN! BasicAlly SomEthing Most would nEver eveN Think of!
  8. Guess I'll follow suit and introduce myself here. I'm Josh, I'm old. I've played Battledawn since 2007, and because of how long I've been here, I've gotten a tad bit involved with things. I started out as a simple moderator. Then became a part of the news team, and eventually was promoted to head moderator on the old forums (the real old forums). I've primarily been on the Battledawn side of things and have done a lot of event planning work with the BD team in the past. I actually submitted my application to become CM when Alex did Thank god he got the job! Little bit after that, Alex
  9. Personally, I like the table view (as I'm more old school with forums I guess). The organization is better imo for separating everything. Fluid view is good for just seeing what the latest topic updates are though (and i feel a vast majority will like it better)
  10. I want to feel immature. Twitter style
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