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  1. Just had a rework of 1st and 2nd mechs: 1st mech, heat and physical counter (try break my mech now, physical mechs!) 2nd mech: still rounded mech, but has a bit more HP and better rounded resistance 3rd mech: hasn't changed, still energy counter and can handle physical And you guys, remember, my mechs are not supposed to fight any opponent the game throws at it, they are all counters to different situations
  2. So on my lost account from years ago, I had this post called "random polls and stuff." I started by posting like 20 fun polls about random stuff. It was really popular, over 100 people voted on each poll. After, people kept adding polls through the comments section. It hasn't died since 2020, I think. Anyway, seeing how fun and popular it was, I wanted to do some more fun polls. Please enjoy. Also why is there a poll number limit now, I will see if I can add more Nevermind, you can't, let me know if you want more questions on a new post
  3. I wanted to know on a scale of 1 to 10 how good my mechs are, because I always want maximum efficiency at defeating opponents. I'm working with the items I have, so here's my mechs: Mech 1: heat and physical counter, aimed at damage and resistance breaking, but can also heat opponents if required. Drone: Heatpoint. Teleport. Mech 2: Long range rounded mech, struggles a bit with damage so mostly at enemies that don't do too much damage. Drone: heatpoint. Grapple. Mech 3: Energy counter, can handle physical as well. Aimed at just damage. Drone: tonto. Teleport, charge, grapple.
  4. RIP at range 1, I suggest using something like rock recoiler instead of rock polisher, but it has massively improved
  5. I'd recommend you remove its excess heat, maybe a bit of energy and add another weapon. Frantic brute can be unreliable at times.
  6. I tried, but then realised you can't do that when you are logged in. And now I got the obvious solution to just log out of this account, which I haven't thought of before -_- Nevermind, I you can't reset a password if you already have another account because it tries to reset the password for this account
  7. First of all, let me tell you that I have been to this forum before, as the user @Destruction. I just had to make a new account with the name of my other alt because I forgot my password :( Anyway, I just wanted to say that on my Destruction account I wanted to paint an item, but it was ready for transformation, so I could only upgrade it with legendary items and not paint. I had this issue before, but now it is just annoying, and I want to report this issue here. If the admins see this, please can you have this fixed ps. Don't worry, I am not my uncontrolled middle school me anymore, so for those who have been on the forums forever and remember me, do not be alarmed XD
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