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  1. There's Backfire EMPs and Heat Bombs, Why not Bunker Shells and Magma Blasts...? They have 1 pull btw
  2. nice this thing (oops, i mean badass) can destroy 260 energy when maxed. (WITHOUT ARENA BUFFZ)
  3. 3rd mech looks good... with a rocc polisher But, still good
  4. a new campaign available at Level 65: Boss Rush It is a Campaign Mode that lets you fight only Bosses. The Bosses are Strong, but you have an !advantage: Your 3 mechs will fight against 1 boss. Kill a boss, get Good Rewards! (Chance of Legendaries, Fortune Boxes, Premium Boxes, and even Premium Packs!) BOSS RUSH LAYOUT BOSSES (showing only 3 bosses) SKULL (Phys), DRAGONFIRE (Ene), ARSONIST (Heat) Arsonist Drone: Swoop
  5. (Big) Change: Replaced Frantic Brutes with Spartan Carnages Tweaked Modules Added Damaged Armor Annihilator *2 Added Specials Added Rock Polisher
  6. https://community.supermechs.com/topic/2198-is-this-a-good-build/?tab=comments#comment-27739
  7. No Red Rain? This is a Substitute
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