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  1. Just happened to me again with the premium box from the 3v3 campaign boss.
  2. Yeah my inventory was full. They didnt appear when I made space tho.
  3. i just bought 3 epic level 30 power kits from the clan shop, but because my inventory was full they disappeared. They are not in my inventory or in a chest waiting to be claimed. I just spent 2400 clan coins on literally nothing. scammed.
  4. True. My bad. I forgot about the low hp. I ran into the same problem when I was new so I switched to Tonto.
  5. Use the Selfish Protector drone instead of Void.
  6. On June 14, 2021 (PST), I bought the 2000 Token offer but I did not receive the 300 arena coins or the 500 clan coins included in the offer. I’ve had this problem a few times before and I’ve heard that some other members have had the same issue. I reported this to the in-game support but haven’t received any replay other than the auto generated message “Request Received” Hopefully this can be fixed so it doesn’t happen to other players.
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