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  1. Did someone drop to rank 1 to rank 10 yes thats me but its 17 to 19 i lose my rank becuz my game is crashing so bad. i just had a mech that reks armor not drain mechs. some times im accidentaly fighting rank 15 then i got rekt so bad sometimes i won but my foe left
  2. Thats cool Combiend defence matrix+combiend heat and energy booster no way thats oppp
  3. Dude the challenges are important it gives you free "FREE" rewards
  4. So super mechs has a new update? It looks cool dude. I might go to choice 2 Wait Self destruct module? Maybe
  5. How do i get epics at sm easy
  6. Dude qoute on it and remove your messege
  7. Adding the arm.the spear is like acute? Maybe
  8. Name that i have is hellgrapling Or hellblast idk
  9. Ye ramboy is ez cuz its the 1st boss..
  10. A mistake doing that :\{ better im just going to send some updates about my acc... ok bye cya on no time... Bruhh i just played dis game months ago...
  11. Hi... What is the best way to get Fortune box
  12. Dude just call it plasma shot I JUST GOT A 4 LEGENDARYS AT A SINGLE PREIMIUM BOX!!!! better luck all i get back breaker (psy) and a combiend module and a matrix defender pretty lucky last one lightning scope And the lightning scope has a damage 700+
  13. Ceo of super mechs can i ask Disable my base... Pretty scared to say this :Z Idk when i did it right
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