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  1. yes many hackers...., but you will be warn for witch hunting soon
  2. no need explain something to someone that does not believe in it, it's just wasting your time
  3. it is normal to ally and i see there was nothing wrong like rr ally with rf and tf ally with wlg
  4. the map will keep moving upward eventually gone like this
  5. he does same thing on every single person i wonder why does he not even get bored saying the samt thing a thousand times lol..
  6. some times we win but get losser box and some time we lose but we get winner box this happen to everyone before i think
  7. he was the real algeriano his original account with medal get scammed by people and this was his new account
  8. it take times to show the newest replay lol
  9. instant quit does not show replay
  10. lol, you say you want just change password and not reset password then why is this call losing a account...
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