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  1. well ...I just want to know the quantity of each item in your base. I mean: how many gold mines and how many factories ... in my case I leave only 2 factories and all the rest of the gold mine
  2. I wonder what the premium pack percentages really look like, because after the SM legacy I only get "armor distroyer" ... (or maybe I'm just too unlucky) huhu
  3. I am still learning to use the forum ... but I will remember what you said ..
  4. wow ... it reminds me of my old lava scope .... what I miss
  5. by the way ... what's the name of that torso?
  6. I always liked lava scope ... my favorite torso ...
  7. lava scope...yes i remember it like yesterday ... a mythical torso..my favorite ever, i used it throughout my journey until i lost it accidentally and an item conversion event ... now..he only exists in my memory.... ( forgive me if i did something wrong i still don't know how to use the forum fully)
  8. so super mechs is available on kongrgate ???, i always played on the pc, and i didn't want to switch to android....
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