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  1. Heheh the acc is lucky getting nice L-Ms like fortress, but no vest yet :I
  2. Same! In the past days I've been doing the same :
  3. I have a fine first mech But I need help, I am not able to make a working second mech... My inv : Would you be able to make a well-working build out of this inventory?
  4. No one can stop me from getting what I want
  5. Senkowo

    Help peas

    So this is my inventory, don't mind the bad mythicals and the very little number of legendaries... it's a long story.. could you help me? I don't know what to do with my 500k power and my 5 myth food. + random items = 500k so this is my first mech, i dont really know what to do for the next ones Should i mythical something? if yes, what and where to use it? I just want to keep my first build like that. So if you could help, thanks
  6. False, I got muted by alex multiple times and banned during the same 5 minutes Next person tabbed at least once
  7. UPC when? That's a nice item for multi mechs raids
  8. I never saw that weapon anywhere, it has to be really bad then!
  9. you didn't put the resistance drains and weapons deal higher damages in general, you took a low damage hit and there aren't only one hit per turn... would be nice to see that with hp and armor too
  10. the word "guardian" is already related to drones, it could cause confusion
  11. True, there are a lot of boys in supermechs Next person isn't american
  12. Black isn't really a color In fact black and white are shades
  13. and a weight adjust too..
  14. False The next poster never ate any shrimp
  15. I'm pretty sure they look like humans, it's just a theory
  16. He is not talking about giving his login to someone, he is simply saying that he doesn't remember his login. But yea, it's the same answer I guess.
  17. I won't let you get the last post though :P
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