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  1. any from rank 15 to 11 want to pvp to night
  2. if anyone wants to 1v1 or 2v2 i can do that now
  3. can not only have 2 and school right now but i can in the next hour
  4. i am not a youtuber and you want to pvp
  5. i am looking for 1v1 in the arena with any one who is in-between a rank 14 and 11 send me a pm if you want to pvp and what time thx yall
  6. i have not posted in a long time and am really bored with my SM acc and i am finding it hard to PVP my friends on the SM arena chat so i have made this topic for all of you who want to PVP random players and not loss your rank in the arena so have fun
  7. i do not know about thoughts because i use my own pc ....... and i would not want a teacher yelling at me for gaming when i am suppose ot be doing my school
  8. well it looks like the flash has finally been cancelled so though's who still want to play on pc will have to find a new browser that supports it or just download it like i said
  9. my advice is if your going agents a you-tuber or their little bro play your hardest but you will most likely still loos so whale battling them ask for advice
  10. i can not remember who it was but i just got a night-eagle
  11. i got it once but i think the drop rate should be better cuz i used it to transform and wish i never have also both my brothers have it
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