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  1. this song and my girlfriends play list
  2. i know if i knew that u were a heat mech i would have drop nrg negens and added heat negens
  3. ok just finishing this lvl be right there
  4. @Spam you want to pvp now?
  5. so want to pvp later today?
  6. two more questions is it better to have a base or boxes. and want to pvp later cuz i am bored
  7. it can be anything and i just open a lot of boxes so i have a lot to work with later i can record my inventory if that will help you ok here SuperMechs - Build, Fight, Prevail! 2021-04-21 15-11-37_Trim.mp4
  8. ok thx i was thinking somethink like this but could i get your advice for a second mech to
  9. it was a better then the other oppsions i had but do u have any advice that can help me
  10. this is my build and this is all of my invitory that really matter is there a better uild i could make
  11. any from rank 15 to 11 want to pvp to night
  12. if anyone wants to 1v1 or 2v2 i can do that now
  13. can not only have 2 and school right now but i can in the next hour
  14. i am not a youtuber and you want to pvp
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