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  1. Well, i don't do that for no reason. See below, there were also 3 other attempts from Kit. I don't want mindless 10 year olds on my server if at all possible. I also have a 0 tolerence on hacks so, there's that too. Pic is not mine, belongs to swarky i think.
  2. 30, actually. Release reloaded level was 150, and then increase to 250.
  3. It's vanilla. Only has 3~ plugins
  4. Continuing off the old thread over at We made a world reset a couple of days ago and are looking for more active players on the server. General info about the server: It's a cracked server, which means everyone, with or without license can play! It runs on minecraft JAVA, version 1.16.4. You can join our discord where you can find our rules, and more info about the server over at https://discord.gg/XbvQ7NcZrr. See you there
  5. Pretty self explanatory from the title. I genuinely think that base (level 20 legendary/epic cards) and arena boxes could be greatly improved by simply removing all items that end at the epic rarity from it's drop pool. This is a similar thing that was applied to premium packs during 2018. Edit 1: Main complaint, this is a rank 3 arena box, and i've been getting pretty much similar loot for the past half year, with the last good thing i got being all the way in may. Feedback appreciated
  6. You just play, really the only answer.
  7. Greetings losers and loserettes, Me and some of friends created a minecraft server not too long ago and finally decided to open up to forum folk! The way we're going to arrange who will play or not is a bit barbaric, with a colloseum fight. Premise is simple, if 2 people want to play on our server, we arrange a date and time where 2 said people will play a best of 3, 1.16 pvp duel, winner gets to play and the loser gets forced to sign a contract with the YIR®™ (Yoyo's Islamic Republic) and become a slave. Additional info about the server: - THE SERVER IS JAVA ONLY!! NOT BEDROCK!! - THE SERVER IS ALSO CRACKED! This means people with premium and tlauncher can play! - The server runs using aternos, a hosting service. - It runs on 1.16.4 - No griefing - Have common sense - We also have a discord server over at https://discord.gg/XbvQ7NcZrr which is where we will set up the duels and what not - Should also mention no children under 14 We'll be waiting for you!
  8. Usually takes about 24 hours, your ads reset when you recieve your daily bonus. When you get your daily, watch one ad on mobile, then you can watch the other 29 on pc. Hope this helps!
  9. Not necesarily, you can download Authy (an app for 2fa that i use), you can also use youtube for some guides on how to set it up, no new accounts need to be made.
  10. Flame spear suppremacy

  11. Asther

    Base Disable?

    Usually yes, it takes a while. Reason behind it is that they don't disable bases one by one, instead they do it in batches, multiple at a time.
  12. You can't remove base structures. By default there are 4 gold mines, 1 Headquarter, and 4 item factories.
  13. Day 391, Dear diary, i am slowly deteriorating my mental health, i cannot remember the last time i spoke to a human, it has been ages since i've been waiting, for this dreaded, burning shower, but to no avail.
  14. MPV is probably the better choice as it has far more stat value. EFA is pretty garbage, and windigo is all around good.
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