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  1. If someone called me a liar I'd probably laugh in their face. It's called not falling for a troll.
  2. To be fair, if you're not hacking the least you can do is show gameplay on YouTube or something. The game isn't exactly client sided, and it's more or less based off an online database so they'll know when you're putting stuff in your account. But yeah, uh it seems petty to ask someone to check your account purely so you can "prove someone wrong". Just ignore the hackusations and play if you're not hacking. Holy hell. That's pretty insane.
  3. Go cry in a corner and leave. Nah, all jokes! Honestly, it takes guts to know when the right time to not play is. If you're up against someone you know you can't fight, it's not a bad idea to just walk away. But the best thing YOU can do is to TRAIN your mech to counter these types of counters. Your mech should be built for the better or the worst. TRAIN. YOUR. MECH.
  4. I like the idea. I mean personally I don't play much arena since the rewards that are given (after the "boosted rewards") are pretty much useless. Nobody feels like fighting another person unless it's for a high reward, so I up this thread. Don't get me wrong, waiting a week for the league to end is fun and all but it's a rigorous process. (Also, the rewards sound nice too, would definitely get me back in arena.)
  5. Happened to me as well. Turns out to be a normal visual bug, hopefully it's fixed next patch.
  6. Power kits are normally used for quick and easy upgrades to anything in your inventory. Depending on the current level/rarity, this can be completed both quick or slowly. You can also upgrade those power kits to create a multiplier that BOOSTS it even more. Good luck out there, Pilot!
  7. As a player, your responsibility is to report the bug. Rather than secretly abusing the bug, report it on the discord or somewhere else that can't be seen by other members, (to prevent further abuse). And it can be technically seen as breaking the game's T.O.S, I guess.
  8. Yup! It's really nice as well!
  9. Recently came back to the game this year. I joined Supermechs back in 2015 when I was in 6th grade and now I'm about to graduate Highschool. The nostalgia is kinda high. I remember the green energy, the different weapons, and the fact that "Galaxus" was a really good torso. Also, God mode used to scare the living crap out of me.
  10. Ace


    Never know, but if you join the Discord you can probably figure it out through the tiniest hints or talk!
  11. Personally, I prefer Windigo since the heat definitely overtakes the energy in the battle. If you're going for a Phys mech, go for the Windigo since the chances of you overheating are low, the cool down rate being even better.
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