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  1. sorry im still new to this stuff, here are the regular screenshots if someone is too lazy to open the links (not targeted at you spam lol)
  2. I wanted to do that but I guess it's more organised this way
  3. Here are the stuff i have, im not sure if im using the better/worse items, tell what to use/upgrade and thanks you! ps. don't check the 2nd one if you don't want to, the first is more important for me. --------------------------Secondary------------------------------------ 2nd mech drone 2nd mech modules 2nd mech side weapon 2nd Torso & Legs 2nd Top Weapon ----------------------------Primary Mech--------------------------------- 1st mech Drone/Special 1st Modules 1st side weapon 1st torso and legs 1st Top weapon
  4. sorry i wasnt able to reply as i had exams (still have, next one tomorrow) i upgraded some of my items but im not sure which combinations are better, also i still don't have enough modules (i think?) how could I show you my items? screenshots or is there a website or something?
  5. can you explain why is it better?
  6. where can i find a list with the better items in each category?
  7. should I use GrimReaper as i already got it to max lvl myth, or start levelling up EnergyBatteryArmor? also for heat torso, Zarkares OR Windigo? please tell me and explain why
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