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  1. Haha
    wolf reacted to Canucklehead in Network Refresh.....WTF   
    Twice this morning. One during an Arena battle, and then again during a Titan battle. The Arena battle, is counted as a loss, and I lose one Titan battle. Thanks alot.
  2. Haha
    wolf reacted to Alexander in Question to the Administration   
    Enough of this madness, you were banned for cheating, your appeal may or may not be considered, you have no right to anything at this point.
    Find another game and perhaps one day you’ll get a favorable response, probably not. 
  3. Haha
    wolf reacted to SiliconPhoenix in I hate this game. Im actually malding   
    I LOVE how this game decides to fReAkInG( replacing another F word ) softlock while i doing the titan. And then it not only makes me quit the titan BUT it eats all the dmg i did in that fight and ate one of my titan battles.
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    wolf reacted to Mr Lord in - - - F l e x - T h r e a d - - -   
    I just got a platinum fortress from box opened accidentally and now i can make my 2nd triple res mech🤩
    And yeah no mighty no supercharge protec i just have 2 individual res mods of each element 
  5. Sad
    wolf reacted to UnrealRickAstley in DID U KNOW THAT BANSHEE TORSO WAS A WEPON??   
    Send Meme Facts and Funny Facts Here
  6. Haha
    wolf reacted to crazy player in i want all legacy items and new itsms all together   
  7. Sad
    wolf reacted to Shared-NW in Again about Raid   
    one week clean, one week... here we go again.

  8. Haha
    wolf got a reaction from Mr Lord in Again about Raid   
    Mans got his Ticket to a ban  👏
  9. Haha
    wolf got a reaction from Spam in Again about Raid   
    Mans got his Ticket to a ban  👏
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    wolf got a reaction from White Star in Again about Raid   
    Mans got his Ticket to a ban  👏
  11. Sad
    wolf reacted to White Star in Again about Raid   
    Another one, once more...
    🗿 *sigh*

  12. Haha
    wolf reacted to Sparks in What mech is better?   
    My boy, you can't use first boiler because it's 1014kg. If you don't know, you can't use mech that weights more than 1010kg, the game isn't allowing you to do that.
    So I'll say second one is better, because you physically can't use the first one.
  13. Haha
    wolf reacted to Asther in Asther's art dump - A thread   
    My mood lately

    A dumb thing i did.

    Also it gets inserted into the previous post of mine cause spaghetti code, can't do anything about it.
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    wolf reacted to Lord Gorgon in Fix for boosting issue - restoring instant quit replays   
    Everybody in top clans knows who boosts and who doesnt. Who boosts a lot and who boosts as "optimisation".
    Replay displaying wouldnt change much besides making it visible to the ones unaware.
    Considering making alt accounts forbiden is impossible, only realistic solution to fix boosting (which the administration do not even adress as an issue btw) would be to forbid it and deploy something similar to the "cheater report form".
  15. Sad
    wolf reacted to SawzAll in Top Ranker Jokes   
    This is why we can't have nice things.
  16. Sad
    wolf reacted to SawzAll in Top Ranker Jokes   
    I figured I'd put this out because I think I may have created some funny jokes.  This is not a roast, it's more like Chuck Norris jokes.  But instead of Chuck Norris, top rank players.
    I'll start us off.
    "CleverName.  Even his cosmetics are divined."
    "CleverName.  Even his double teleporter is divine."
    Person A: CleverName is legendary.
    Person B: Don't you EVER call him that.  He's divine!
    Did you hear that story about Bobson?
    Neither did I, I fell asleep half way through.
  17. Haha
    wolf reacted to Pizza4UAndMe in Damn this guy came outta nowhere mocking me   
    Tbh this guy's mocking is just too weak and doesnt even work on me cuz ive experience this before and feels like nothing

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    wolf reacted to Andernut in Andernut's Travels   
    Hey guys, 
    For the second time in my Supermechs Life I've changed clans.  When Kongregate servers merged with the Supermechs server (long before reloaded) my clan in Kong mostly folded, I think most of them actually went to HTK.  At the time, I have no idea why, some players in HTK didn't accept me because they thought I was a spy or alt of someone else - so when Dany/Littlelost of LLYL invited me to join I accepted.  I almost didn't join at the time - I thought they would all be cocky jerks because they were long-reigning Gold Medal clan, and it turns out they weren't and we had many good times and many medals and build discussions.  
    Most of the faces I knew in those days with LLYL are gone now, but for many years I played alongside Wep, Gros and Nagi and some other longtime players in LLYL, even leading for a time.  It'll hold a special place for me certainly - and be weird to face that clan flag.  But I've made many friends over the years, and now more of those friends are in other clans than in my current one.  I have much admiration for the leaders and players in all of the clans, my connection to the game is more generally with all the players than it is to any specific clan.
    It took more than 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to actually leave a clan, since I've only done so once, years ago.  I have accepted an invitation from some friends in Reign to join.  So for now, that's where I'll be playing from.
    Much love to LLYL and the players and friends there, I just needed a bit of a change. 
    Still playing though.
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    wolf got a reaction from SunsetChaos2ndAcc in SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: PREMIUM PACKS (NOT FLEX)   
    Dunno if you still want pack results but here:

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    wolf reacted to Shoultz262 in Thanks Wepwawet   
    I think it's to make up for the fact that the portal was bugged and didn't appear at the time it was supposed to start.
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    wolf reacted to Alexander in HACKERS   
    There'll be another banwave this, or at latest, next week. 

    Each banwave is more effective than the last - you can report anyone you suspect here:
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    wolf reacted to ZeRo_ in - - - F l e x - T h r e a d - - -   
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    wolf reacted to Nefertary Meriten-Mut in Differences in accounts   
    I never forget what The Hunter told me when I started playing SM, he told me "it's just a game, but what you do in the game is how you behave in life."
    In the end all these muddles and abuses had a positive consequence for me, since I have not put money in the game for 1 year and I feel good about it. Since Clever appeared in the game I realized that there was something wrong with this and I stopped investing money. I just sat in the audience to watch the movie. Then, everything that came came and I felt that I had taken the right path.
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    wolf reacted to Grosboss in Differences in accounts   
    I don't know where to start, super mechs left full of bullshit and huge delay
    now i see a game lying that around, here's a little trick for a asshole?
    alex, sarah or other + hacked group who secretly sell
    before 2017 more 1000 item with good measure also small kg weapon up to large weapon
    and now everything is mixed up, 500 item very bad , much ridiculous....
    alex, sarah or other + hacked group who secretly sell.
    sm progress 10 times more played and 10 times tokens, 10 more expensive
    the impossible advanced my game
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    wolf reacted to Junky in Arena Coins for Prem Packs   
    I've noticed pretty much all of the deals come with Arena coins lately. 
    For those of us with full Arena perks already how about an opportunity to buy Premium packs or at worse Premium boxes with them? 
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