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  1. If I understood it at first, what I meant was that the game gave you the opportunity to obtain these objects for practically free just by gathering what they themselves were giving you for a week. you just have to do these missions for free in exchange for 100-200 tokens. they themselves were giving you the money to buy it.
  2. Facebook detectó que Super Mechs no usa una conexión segura para transferir información. Hasta que Super Mechs no actualice su configuración de seguridad, no podrás usar Facebook para iniciar sesión. "we expected"? Who? Surely the new ones, because those of us who have been in the game for a long time know that this day is always celebrated with the Easter egg Also, do not complain about not being able to get it or buy it because apart from having a whole year to save in these last two weeks in the game there were several events of 100-200 tokens that you could save, reaching eve
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