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  1. The same thing happened for me but with distance shredder (Dealt 4482 Damage)but then it was a visual glitch
  2. So i was playing super mechs and i wanted to log in to my alt account on facebook . Then it logged me in into my old alt account which was rank 12 so i played about 5-10 mins in it.Then when i wanted to go back in my rank 9 account. It logged me back into that rank 12 account again (but it was the same user and pass as my rank 9) then i tried again but it again logged me back into rank 12.after that i logged on facebook on my pc then it logged me on rank 9 account .Then i was confused about that bug so can this bug be fixed because i want old user/pass of my rank 9 not rank 12? (now on my rank 9 account i dont have any SM user/pass but it signs that i have SM account)
  3. I dont want to be in this forum anymore Because they deleted old forum I want old forum!
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