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  1. Im a level 50 player basicly a newbie, but this is to much arena 15 requires a nice cooling and energy regeneration, is needed to upgrade other epic items and build a decent second mech but this is much i like common cards to 990 but rare and epic to 35k is insane
  2. @Alexander srry for bothering u, but ive request to my base be disable, but now i dont want it, please alex can u delete or ignore this request of disable base
  3. Thaks guys for reply, ive solve it creating him an accoun and downloading the game in pc
  4. They need add a lot of things, add tables, codes, variables and other things. I like the idea
  5. Today i get a free egg box but, my brother cant get it someone can help me please i dont want what him stay wyout is box
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