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  1. big offer today, 4k for 24 premier packs and some extra goodies in a jiffy bag I won't post all the boxes but I'll post when I get something decent, lets gooo LPV is good, unfortunately I already have 3 and have fused away others in the past and its MPV I really need but hey ho yep nothing but junk after that. got a Piercing fox but I already have 5 lol that's a pretty good summary of my haul this morning lmao
  2. Hi there, so as some may have worked out I am Misfit, and I have been chosen as the next leader of HTK I can't describe in words the pride and happiness I feel leading this clan, this same clan which under bago gave me my first shot at being under a top clan all those years ago (I know, it HAS really been a long time) I suppose I have been playing a while, best guess probably 7 (?) years ago now, and my heart has for the most part of that period belonged to HTK, even though for a time I was woo'd into the popular opinion that HTK is the clan its fun to mock see: I'm sorry Michelle we love you so much <3333 but that brings me to my next point: HTK is a clan often misunderstood and believed to be hard and evil, but under the strong exterior, I promise you, you see a clan with a lot of heart, but also a lot of pride. It was often said that HTK plays with brains, heart, and strength. I tell you that I've considered this for a few weeks and HTK's basic principle comes down to one thing: integrity. we are the clan of honour. we are the clan which was strong, arguably the strongest surviving clan in SM, we were the clan which held honour, courage and integrity as the highest standard. that's what sets us a part - and that's what I have to offer you. alongside a long heritage of courage and strength we have a longer and more rich heritage of integrity and community. which is why, under my leadership, we absolutely will NOT accept a single cheater. sure, you can chase another bigger clan which props itself up with hackers and those who ride the gray area (I name no clever names here) but when you join HTK you join a family who holds your integrity to be a resource that CANNOT be bought and would NOT BE SOLD for any rank what we offer you: - experienced guidance from longterm community members such as Lord Gorgon, bestplayeroftheworld (Michelle), Tay Tay (shape) and many others including myself - the will to fight against the odds! HTK is a clan which does NOT give up, we will never roll over and will always strive for greatness no matter how bad SM community of this game gets! - a long history of courage and integrity NOT present in other clans which started well then sold their soul! - long term friendships such as that I have with G (whose real name I refrain from posting). we are brothers and sisters here, and G has watched me grow up, I almost cry as I write my sincere love for my brother @Lord Gorgon - my sincere promise that we will NEVER be involved in any cheating, scamming, and that you WILL be treated FAIRLY as a valued member for your ENTIRE duration here as long as it may be WHAT I ASK OF YOU: - courage - we at HTK have a will and an eagerness to FIGHT and we EARN respect, we don't ASK for it - honour- DO NOT be involved in scams or hacking or dishonourable behaviour - be ready and willing to learn from your peers and ALWAYS strive for greatness - UNDERSTAND why I say that what sets us apart is INTEGRITY I do not set a rank limit as these things I hold higher than rank, if I cannot fit you in at any given moment or you feel you are not yet ready PLEASE feel free to respond or get in touch with me regardless. I LOVE to meet new great and honest players of this game and if you do join us I WELCOME YOU to one of if not THE greatest clan that has ever been in supermechs, if I could I would kiss you at the door, ANYONE who has read what I have said and can say AMEN do not hesitate to get in touch with me, regardless of your rank, I'd love to hear from you THANK you I LOVE you - Misfit
  3. Alex and his team have done a wonderful job so far of clearing hackers and cheaters from arena for which they ought to be commended. Yet, there are unfortunately still many players who seek to bend the rules and get ahead by using dirty tricks which fall into a grey area. One such dirty trick, is a phenomenon being termed "arena boosting". the booster will create alt accounts and then using timing engineer it such that he matches with his own alt account in the arena for the sole purpose of having the alt account quit instantly and transfer Arena Points (AP) to the main account. such a practice is fully dishonest, and allows players to gain medals and high positions without ac actually fighting and winning most or all of their battles against equally ranked peers. I believe that going forward anyone proven beyond reasonable doubt (obvious indicators are no, or few, arena replays despite large amounts of AP and full stars, and IP address analysis could be employed by the Gato Team) should be banned for manipulating AP for personal gain. There have been several grey areas in the past - Co-piloting, for instance - yet this trend, is by far, the most dishonest, damaging, classless method employed by Arena tricksters today. for the health of the community and the honesty of our beloved arena - make arena boosting bannable!
  4. NOTE: before I get judged for posting Coldplay - early Coldplay was literally "hey guys, what if Radiohead's 'The Bends' style was made into alt-pop music ahaha" and I f**k with it.
  5. EDIT: before I get judged for posting Coldplay - early Coldplay was literally "hey guys, what if Radiohead's 'The Bends' style was made into alt-pop music ahaha" and I f**k with it.
  6. the multi-matrix needs a buff if it's ever going to have equal value to the single matrixes. less weight, more res, something.
  7. True. How does a boy become a man? next poster is as clueless as I
  8. I have to say, I've known Alex for a long time now. 5 years? something like that. actually, now that I think about it, my second ever battle dawn era (in 2011) Alex and Kenny beat me up pretty bad we've had out ups and down, I've been pretty mean and nasty at various times in my life - and I can blame it all on this or the other thing. but ultimately it doesn't really matter. I think he knows I'm sorry for the things I've done in the past. today, I'd honestly say I consider Alexander a friend. maybe we don't know each other super well, but I'd like to think we've grown warmer on each other over the years. where once we were enemies, we became acquaintances, then friends, perhaps even - lovers? (joking) When I heard Gato were buying SuperMechs, I was skeptical. In knew Alex's real passion project was battledawn (understandably), but over these past months Alex has gone above and beyond to fix this game up, and make it fairer and more available to players. beyond this, his community interaction is exceptional - nothing of the sort happened under SM. basically, Alex is a friend, and a good guy. I like him. although, I still will never forgive him removing and temp banning me for posting an image of 9/11 on the last forum - that post slapped. sincerely, Baz *mwah*
  9. shoutout to all the OG's out there who won their gold medals without using any tricks (like fighting alts or whatever) all the CHAMPIONS of old are REMEMBERED lets get back to the era of honest play lads
  10. False, I find boosting items tedious, and rarely boost them beyond myth 40, again, life's too short next person is afraid of intimacy P.S why do people keep skipping over posts? scroll my dudes, scroll.
  11. False, I never got past the part where you hit sheep and there's nothing around. never understood why people loved that game so much. gave it all of 25 minutes before throwing my hands in the air and declaring "life is too short" next poster is mad online because I just insulted Minecraft
  12. by the looks of your current HP, I'm going to go against the grain here and suggest Claw, which will be fully viable given the recoil on your stub-gun. I actually think this weapon set-up is alright, but be aware that the actual electric damage will be very low, and so if you fail to get the drain early and your opponent has electric resistance, you might aswell be firing spit-balls for all the good that malice beam will do you. this could be partially mitigated with the addition of a res drainer, but at the end of the day, its never going to be high-impact, so deploy it where draining is a concern above all else.
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