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  1. HAUL TIME YASS MAN one for free heh heh uwu stahp giving me nagas lmao FOOK-IN YES MAN --- missed the plat fortress offer but the game loves me oh so much it gave me is as a freebie *mwah* heh. Lady drops giveth, lady drops taketh away on a strong sparked runners and cooling module vibe atm ngl. a schmood even last box now, can we go out on a bang? ah. well anyways, pretty good haul all things considered. got one freebie regen boost
  2. dude, I understand you, I just think it's utterly preposterous. not everyone who disagrees with you misunderstands you - to believe such is the hallmark of narcissism, or at best, arrogance. "it was just an idea" is not a reasonable defence of a bad idea.
  3. there is no way this could work or will ever happen. we're not going to reshuffle the entire game with nerfs and buffs to prop up an illogical idea because you want energy to function exactly like heat for no reason other than your own whim. it's a bad idea, could never work, and it was a dumb thing to post here. sorry, not sorry.
  4. Why are people like this? no. it’s just like... no, man. why did you post this? delete this.
  5. Hi, just to clarify - I don't - but you might. are you tired of getting banned for duplication hacking? do you wish there was a way you could funnel items from one hacking account hidden from sight, launder them through a series of alts and let them end up resting happily in your main? then trading is the solution for you. please VOTE NOW on TRADING OR would you prefer a UNICORN PORTAL????
  6. HTK fighting with.... brains heart and STRENGTH hope I'm going that old thing justice
  7. I was thinking the other day they should bring this back. box drops wouldnt be so bad if you could atleast specialise. need a certain drone - get the drone box. need the new modules (like me lol) then buy the module box. I think people would be a lot less pissed off at the frankly extortionate prices if they could atleast somewhat direct it in the area they want. and if you just want any old things - you can still get the standard box. ez pz sorted. simple as
  8. I mean it would be useful sometimes but also: having to work around with the weight is part of the challenge; so I feel like these things can't be too flexible
  9. This actually makes me want to activate base but I’ll wait and see if the experiment actually sticks and isn’t reversed many gamers out there reporting on the new base?
  10. I bought the offer. I would have bought it without the premium packs even. those modules are OP ASFFFFFFFFFFFF anyways, gonna get opening some packs expect an auto-merged multipost edit of my results missed one that was all purples misssed one again lmao - it had one leggy feet leggies forgot a few - nothin good. some rolling beasts and sparked legs all said and done Im happy - I got two combined storage uinits (premium) which Ive wanted FOR AGES (since I came back and
  11. I wish they had simply archived it. there was some good sh*t on there, now iretrievable.
  12. seeing a beautiful and majestic EFA torso be fused like this actually gives me pain
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