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  1. True, i was a member of the rc army Next person broke a heart
  2. True, "yeets self from window" Next person is planning to create a yeet army
  3. Sorry for late respond, i rarely check forums. Show me at least one word where i directly called you a "Sprite Stealer". I made that post to clear wrong knowns about this sprite, tell where "Exponential Equinox" name came from and describe your love and connections towards this sprite. Sure, i'm not a native speaker and that was a short paragraph so you may misunderstood it, if this is the case i would accept my mistake but what about your mistakes? https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/new-drone-concept-idea-rough-draft-physical-drone-variant/52911 This is the "rough draft" that you are talking about but didnt show at all. https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/to-the-artist-of-exponential-equinoxs-sprite-yes-its-a-long-read-and-explanation-about-everything/53233 This is the first topic that i referred by : "upon noticing sprite, Whiteout made a topic about it". Everything was innocent till you start making several contents with the sprite : https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/so-this-just-happened-triquinox-gif/61622 By this topic some people thought that "drone sprite" is yours, especially that line: "I took my three Equinox drones and threw them into a single .gif." See where i am going with this? I'm not calling you a "thief", you didn't inform people enough. Now the biggest surprise: Even the @Raul thought sprite was yours although he remembers the real owner of it. After then you responded with true facts but it was too late, no one had interest in that topic anymore so not many seen your post. https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/exponential-equinox-in-workshop-custom-item-pack/61678 This is the topic that you gave life to "Equinox" in WU and again you didn't inform enough about the sprite. I wanted to check the file to see is there any note in it but your drive link says "unavailable". https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/general-chat-2-0/25036/114 Extreme intrigue. I don't judge it by knowing your personality because it's like "dreams come true" but see what your overreactive posts caused: Just after 3 posts, even @Lord Gorgon thought it's your "design". After then: But unfortunately no one cared about it... Now think how many could have thought it was your sprite? As i said no one calls you a "Sprite Stealer", you just didn't inform people well enough but at the same time no one informed you either especially me while i could and i accept my mistake but listen: After seeing your love and curiosity towards this sprite, i started researching about it. First, i found out game had different libraries for different item types and the sprite was in top weapons category with 3 elements and transform ranges. I regret not paying attention to this... Then searched entire "SuperMechs Sandbox" thread to find it's artist: Unfortunately don't have any proof to show it because all photos in old forums are deleted but as KilliN said "Maxy" was the creator of this sprite. Maxy was a quite calm user in old forums, usually was in fanart section so Maxy probably didn't even see your "Equinox's Artist?" thread to prove it. When i discovered all of this i decided to pm you but, i found out you got suspended. Don't remember exact suspend time but i checked your profile every day for 1 week in hopes for an early end of suspend because i wasn't able to pm you and i didn't had any other way to reach you. Then i had to leave forums for a long time due to school. Sorry for not informing you later because i forgot about it and i accept my mistake. Then i saw things went too far and we are here now. Now few things i want to mention: I accept my mistake, as i said i didn't pay enough attention to it but: https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/general-chat-2-0/25036/103 Show me one word that says "some kind of drone" here, you are slandering me on this part. And i regret doing that... If you felt offended by my post i would apologize and can edit it properly. Personally i felt offended by your post because you created a whole new thread to blame me and load all your faults on to me. To me, you are a dear person that tried to create new ideas and do something for the community. Anyways i respect your choice but still i felt offended. Leaving the choice what you want to do with your post. Btw one thing i'll ask, why you never bothered to reach me from forums,discord etc. ? So a whole "wall-of-text" of info here is just "assuming" for you huh? And these are what i remember from past, i just had to find correct links. I kept that post just because greed for those stupid likes, i regret it... Will delete it sometime. I had a childish habit of putting "smiley" emojis at almost every end of post, fortunately i stopped writing like that. And @W.H.I.T.E.O.U.T if you did read everything, now think about your own faults first before making a post. I had mistakes too and i accept them. I apologize you for my own faults. If you want to continue this arguement, dm me on discord. No one has to read our "dramatic" messages. Also @MasterChief please learn who and what you are supporting first. I believe you had no idea about what was going on. Thanks for reading.
  4. About this sprite, let me clear things up: In old forums i found it in game files months ago; 1-It's not a drone, sprite is in top weapons category in the libraries 2-it has 3 elements and 3 transforms About drone and fanart part, it's not made by Whiteout as far as i know. When he saw it he thought it's a drone, he liked the sprite so much that he named it, made it to his pfp and created a thread about it.
  5. In 2014 i found BattleMechs in a flashgame site and it amazed me for such a good quality game for it's time. After playing for hours i noticed "Try SuperMechs" ad then found out that BM and SM had their own sites. Started playing SM as guest for some long time. In 2016 i decided to open my own account and i am active since then.
  6. After reading all of it, i really found myself in those words. For me it was pretty accurate and learnt some new things. Now i understand somethings better... Thank you Elcent for showing this:)
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