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  1. @OKI DOKIThanks bro. Thanks for chatting to my son too. But he was trolling others hard, so I came back to restore peace and tranquility to the Junky name!
  2. I agree to all. I am already in your clan now thank you. Look forward to chatting with ya'll.
  3. @OKI DOKI maybe we can reunite mate. Got a spammer in my clan really annoying me! Any spaces? Junky ✌
  4. How many members do you have so far? What rank is the clan? I like the sound of it. Always get at least 5 wins a day, can hit rank 1 every season if I can be bothered! Someone keeps spamming in my clan currently and it's doing my head in! Thanks Junky
  5. Request sent Sir Ass, Mr Clown, Lord Assington.
  6. I have put exactly what it says in the title.
  7. You don't come up when I search Littlelost Your Lost. Any ideas?
  8. Hello. Se77en left the game and its shet. Do you have any requirements to join? Jumky
  9. @AssClown Have you got room for an old tw@t or 2? Se77en left and now it's just a lingering smell of disappointment! @Powtaito maybe an old Skool reunion with the clown? Junky
  10. Can't find it now but Alex posted they were running an 'experiment' at the moment. Hence why some of the costs have changed. Have a look in Forum he explains the what and the why!
  11. Already sounded this 1 out @Alexander. Like many I got purple crap.... However I still got a free box and paint! This is 1 of the best giveaways I've ever seen in the game! Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have an amazing day!
  12. So today's deal. Free box and paint for every player. Even though I got all purple... Ima sound this out as an epic deal! Great work!
  13. Junky

    Only 1 ad a day?

    Me and 2 others.... The rest don't bother watching! It's not Google its the game platform supporting it that's the problem. I play other games with free ads and they're fine!
  14. Junky

    Only 1 ad a day?

    Nope, nope and nope. All my clan are experiencing this. Its a glitch or Gato are messing with our clan! No reply from them
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