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  1. @Alexander can you help me check what happen? is it a bug or something?
  2. me too after buying tons of premium pack and get not even one usefull
  3. its very easy to save token now every week have gold portal that can get 200 token and special quest that can get 100 token
  4. will bug abused get you banned? is it wrong to use bug abused or its the responsibility of the gato to fix the bug?
  5. dude silverbox have 0 chance on legendary who the hell need epic from silverbox i get many legendary from base some are useful like etc valiant and monkey
  6. the gold mine have buff 200% on gold capacity and only buff 10% on the gold per hour you as the moderator should know this very well @Raul
  7. one day 24 hour 1350 * 24 = 32400 maximum 4 gold mine 32400 * 4 = 129600
  8. dude are you serius ? are you sure you are moderator??? each day get 300kcoin???? dude i have maxed my base maxed gold mine only can get 1350 gold perhour
  9. nobody care the evnt have over
  10. bro look at the leaderboard llyl is already full
  11. maybe you have some typo error XD
  12. stay between range 1 to 3 and watch ads to increase20% hp it should be enough
  13. drone can deal 600 damage at the first time that drone shoot me 500 damage i thought i see it wrongly but i still manage to get that yummy 110 token spark runner is better i get 8 rolling beast and i fused all up none left in meta i dont think i saw people use rolling beast except for war machine he use common leg its pretty cute actually
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