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  1. I disagree with not making distance shredder and other energy free series energy costing, it would kill the only chance people have at making a decent soft counter drainer. However making them much heavier would limit their effectiveness
  2. it would be a damn horrible idea. Healing drones would affect battles, but then everyone with a healing drone would zoom up mid ranks, where clutches are everything, since matchmaking is like putting all your money onto a wheel and hoping you hit the jackpot.
  3. I don't have a phone ;-; Desktop version eats my cpu and memory and causes my comp to crash at least once a day
  4. I just got faced with a top ranker, almost won, his dual deso overheated like 5 more then I could boil him
  5. Makes sense, but push the bar higher to level 150. Also, you could have a "exchange system" where you insert one item into a system and you can browse through a wide selection of that kind of item. For example, if you inserted a max epic iron plating, you could take, say, a maxed out armor breaker r-e phys version. You could only take items with the same level and type (c-m for a c-m, e-l for an e-l) to minimize abuse. Similar to your idea but nearly impossible to abuse, unless you slotted in smth like an advanced repulsor for a bunker
  6. We're working on the wiki part, don't get your read end in a twist
  7. (why am I writing this here, I can write this on the wiki myself lol) Newbies should concentrate on maxing whatever they use most. They should aim for 1 type, but can make a semi-hybrid if necessary. I'm not saying MAX STUFF THAT CAN'T GO TO MYTH I'm saying max whatever you use most. I'm saying collateral efficiency, and not just concentrating on the future.
  8. 90% of the players are mobile players, right? That makes sense i guess
  9. thats sad rip but it happens, there's nothing much the devs can do...
  10. they are, but I get 1 legend every 2-3 weeks in fortunes and 1-2 legends every time I buy a pack, which is once every 2-4 weeks. so packs are slightly worse in my opinion, although most of yall will disagree
  11. that was a while ago but I'm just saying
  12. fortune boxes are bad for me, but packs are worse.
  13. There's already been multiple cheaters flexing their bans on reddit, just saying
  14. horrible idea. also why did you make the poll so that we can't do anything but agree, why can't I DISAGREE with your idea?
  15. imagine if there was a "reverse super charge" then the user could combo super charge and reverse super charge, if you made the shield slot a special slot for reverse charges
  16. No this is not sarcastic, the head mod himself said smth about mod abuse and Sawz was removing messages for having an opposite opinion to his/hers.
  17. that looks more like stuff you'd find in a trash compactor then "great stuff"
  18. understatement, he'll yeet you off a cliff for asking
  19. yeah it was great now its just a shitshow that was being run by people (ahem ts) that were always like: "oh there's a glitch? ehhhhh ill fix it in the next 10 years"
  20. My rng is always counter/smurf in rank 7, I almost always have to clutch my wins with high iq plays, which isn't normal in this game
  21. I'm speechless this man has mythicals yet he's NEVER HEARD OF ARENA BUFFS someone slap me hard, I need to make sure that I'm not imagining this
  22. dont be so negative man they only did what they thought was a good backup option
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