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  1. Not worth your money at all, but could be useful
  2. The forum defines kunt as friend lmfao
  3. There are? Didn't notice
  4. Yes but he doesn't act guilty at all, he only acts angry and annoyed at the fact that Gato denied his appeal or smth wait im stewpid he said why he got banned lmao
  5. yeah why did you get banned I'm interested
  6. To be honest this might not even stop the "boosters" from doing what they do, I've seen cheaters publicly flex their bans on reddit so I'm not placing the ethic of these people too high.
  7. backfire insanely high but will work well with energy mechs
  8. get better stuff, you haven't seen insane 3v3. Trust me it's a complete shitshow
  9. You should really ride an elevator. You know why? It'll lift your spirits!
  10. "All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
  11. Corporate needs you to tell the difference between these two images People who say that drunk lightning is a f2p bunker: There is no difference
  12. someone might've somehow created an account with the same name and password as yours
  13. russians hmm is there any other visible connection between most of the cheaters
  14. Basically post jokes. Doesn't have to be funny *thinks
  15. distance shredder should b nerfed tho not space invader or party crasher, those are fine its very light, has no energy cost, deals high damage for a phys weapon, and has 2 uses.
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